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Students exchange

Every academic year more and more students going abroad to  study in order to develop their skills, find life-long friendships, get multicultural experience and to be successful on the European labour market.

A typical Erasmus student spends one or two semesters attending a number of carefully selected classes at a foreign host university. Erasmus+ students have also possibility of getting placements in companies and institutions in the EU countries. Placements usually take 3 months and are financed from the EU funds. Placements abroad allow ZUMA students to broaden their knowledge and giving basis for verifying theoretical knowledge and foreign language skills. The list of ZUMA Erasmus partners still expands.

University of Management and Administration  joined LLP Erasmus in 2002. Below you will find statistical data concerning students mobility within Erasmus in succeeding academic years:

Number of outgoing ZUMA students:

Year Number
2002/2003 5
2003/2004 6
2004/2005 9
2005/2006 9
2006/2007 11
2007/2008 7
2008/2009 10
2009/2010 9
2010/2011 5
2011/2012 10
2012/2013 9
2013/2014 5
2015/2016 10

Number of students participating in LEONARDO da VINCI Programme:

Year Number
2003/2004 13
2004/2005 10
2005/2006 13
2006/2007 10



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