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Study Physiotherapy in English!

Integrated Master’s Degree Studies – 10 semesters (full time)

Physiotherapy is one of the very dynamically developing branches of modern medicine. It includes movement therapy – kinesiotherapy, massage and physiotherapy, i.e. using physical measures in the process of treatment, e.g. laser or magnetic field. The goal of physiotherapy treatments is to suppress and remove disease processes and their consequences, prevent and restore the fullest efficiency of a patients. The important aspect of education is to learn the rules of prevention against civilization-related diseases and rehabilitation in every field of clinical medicine as well as to learn wellness methods.

Profession of a physiotherapist is getting more and more popular every year. It has a connection with the undergoing changes we observe in European societies – the average life expectancy is increasing and the group of people demanding rehabilitation in a broader sense is widening.

Physiotherapy in WSZiA means:

  • modern and practical education programs
  • professional medical staff
  • high number of Minister’s for Science and Higher Education grant recipients
  • international internships recognition of WSZiA diplomas and professional qualifications of physiotherapists in Europe and the USA
  • the Rehabilitation Clinic of the University of Management and Administration which is the authorities’ seat of the Lublin’s Branch of the Polish Rehabilitation Society

The graduate recommends:

I am this year’s graduate of physiotherapy (second cycle studies) at the University of Management and Administration in Zamosc. I came from Wrocław where I completed my Bachelor’s degree. I decided to study in Zamość because this university offers diploma that meets European and American criteria. I know now that it was a right decision. Getting a Master’s degree from WSZiA gives you the opportunity to nostrify a diploma that is respected in the United Kingdom and at The United States of America. This distinguishes the University of Management and Administration in Zamosc from other universities in Poland. Currently, as Erasmus+ early graduate, I am doing my internship as physiotherapist in England. My further career is going to be continued in the USA. With a clear conscience I can recommend this university. Good luck:]

Katarzyna Majka – A physiotherapy graduate

The Rehabilitation Clinic

The Clinic covers the area of 561 m2 and it is located in Zamość Hospital, 1 Peowiaków Street. It is equipped with the highly technical devices and it is, first of all, the didactic base for students of physiotherapy.

The Rehabilitation Clinic of the University of Management and Administration is an excellent training place where physiotherapy students can get necessary professional experience from the first year of study.

The Clinic uses highly technical, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment in the process of treatment. Due to the contracts with the National Health Fund, the Clinic offers full and free of charge range of therapeutic and rehabilitation services for the inhabitants of Zamooeæ and the nearest area (approx. 5000 patients yearly). Another facets of the Clinic’s operation is organizing trainings and internships for physiotherapists from different sides of the world – most often from Turkey and Finland.

The head of the Rehabilitation Clinic of the University of Management and Administration, PhD Rafał Sapuła, is the Vice President of the Polish Rehabilitation Society, Chairman of the Lublin’s Branch of the Polish Rehabilitation Society, permanent advisor to the Government Senior Policy Commission and Expert of the Agency for Assessment of Medical Technologies and Tariffs at the Ministry of Health.

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Tuition Fees

  • Application fee: € 150
  • Tuition fee for the first academic year: € 3000

All fees in euro currency must be transferred to the University’s bank account:

  • Name of the bank: Santander Bank Polska S.A. Oddzial 2 w Zamosciu
  • Address: Partyzantow 12, 22-400 Zamosc, Poland
  • IBAN/ Account number: PL02 1500 1807 1218 0002 5195 0000
  • Transfer title: please write your full name and date of birth  


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Please note: The course will only be run if the required number of students enrolls in it.



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