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Regional Barometer. Analyses and Prognoses

The Regional Barometer is dedicated to the theoretical and empirical works in the regional quantitative studies, especially the analysis and prognosis of economic development and business conditions, enterprise, innovativeness, intellectual capital, employment market on a regional level, as well as interregional and trans-border cooperation.


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New clinimetrics methods in physiotherapy

In medicine for a long time, perhaps even from its ancient beginnings, there have been co-existing two methods to assess the health status of the patient: “synthetic” and “analytical.”

Synthetic means comprehensive and the most subjective judgements based primarily on their own experience and their own choice of sources of knowledge. The criteria of judging are often not accurately described, and sometimes not fully realized by the evaluator.

This knowledge is a kind of intuition which for the talented and experi­enced people can be really effective, but hardly subjected to the description or comparative analysis. Moreover, such an assessment becomes possible only with a fairly large professional practice.

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